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Strange Dragon CHAPTER LIST
  • Strange Dragon

    Alternative : ストレンジ ドラゴン ; Sutoshinji Doragon
  • Author(s) : Ishihara keiko
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : Feb 14, 18:45
  • TransGroup :
  • view : 53.808
  • Genre : Shoujo, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance

Strange Dragon:

From Starry Heaven: In order to reclaim her stolen throne, Princess Hibana sets out on a journey to seek out Hakuryuu, who is said to have ascended into the heavens 100 years ago. At the dragon?s palace, she meets Isara, a boy who hates people, is blunt, clumsy, and shy. He is actually a mutated dragon whose red appearance was abhorred and deserted earth!! Hibana exchanges her heart with Isara, can he be her guardian dragon?! And maybe she can reclaim her throne?!