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Maou no Hisho CHAPTER LIST
  • Maou no Hisho

    Alternative : 魔王の秘書 ; 魔王的秘书 ; Satan's Secretary ; The Demon King's Secretary
  • Author(s) : Kamonabe kamotsu
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Feb 14, 18:46
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  • Genre : Shounen, Comedy, Fantasy

Maou no Hisho:

The Demon King has finally awoken. For the purpose of conquering the world, he decides to first kidnap some human. By the way, the one he was searching for was a stupidly capable "Secretary"...! She does her work promptly and with unimaginable skill. Because of her, humanity is heading toward danger at Mach speed!!
Chapter name Time uploaded
Maou no Hisho Chapter 6

: The Real Meaning of Conquering The World

Maou no Hisho Chapter 5

: All Demons Gather Here

Maou no Hisho Chapter 4

: The King's Nightmare Has Yet to End

Maou no Hisho Chapter 3

: Conquest changes. Secretary changes.

Maou no Hisho Chapter 2

: The Conquest

Maou no Hisho Chapter 1

: Without the secretary, the world can be saved