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  • Eto Royale

    Alternative : 干支ロワイヤル ; 干支大乱斗 ; Eto Royal
  • Author(s) : Mikami ritsuhiro
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun 28, 10:05
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Eto Royale:

Kotobuki Ichika is a normal 17 year old girl with an unusual hobby. She is a tokusatsu geek. One day, as she is heading back home to watch her favorite show, she finds an injured dog and is trying to help it when suddenly it turns into a man. However, this is no ordinary guy, it turns out he is one of the twelve zodiac signs that were sent from heaven.
Turns out they are now bound together and will have to participate in "Zodiac Royal", a battle held to decide the new 12 animals of the zodiac.
Chapter name Time uploaded
Eto Royale Chapter 11.5

: Extra Story

Eto Royale Chapter 11

: Beneath the Cherry Blossoms

Eto Royale Chapter 10

: A cat's longing for its master

Eto Royale Chapter 9

: A cornered cat will bite a dog

Eto Royale Chapter 8

: Reckless, blind acceptance

Eto Royale Chapter 7

: 7th animal - A clash between dragon and dog

Eto Royale Chapter 6

: 6th Animal - Like a dragon obtaining its master

Eto Royale Chapter 5

: 5th Aniimal - Even a dog or cat will not forget your kindness if kept for three days

Eto Royale Chapter 4

: 4th Animal-The caged bird would not be shot but for its cries

Eto Royale Chapter 3

: 3rd Animal - Even a Monkey Will Lose to a Man?!

Eto Royale Chapter 2

: 2nd Animal - Set an otaku to catch a snake

Eto Royale Chapter 1

: 1st Animal - Even a dog, if it walks, will run into a high school girl